The Mechanism of the Female Libido

A woman’s sex drive is totally different from that of a man. As a sexual creature, a woman is very complicated. This is the main reason why some men have a hard time figuring a woman out. Men who aim to have sex with a particular woman have to find ways to appeal to the woman’s libido. If a man cannot rouse a woman’s libido then he will not be able to have sex with her. As such, a man needs to work very hard to rouse the female libido. In order to do this, a man has to familiarize himself with the necessary mechanisms.

It starts in the mind

A woman’s sex drive or libido is not a purely physical sensation. In fact, a woman’s libido is mostly a mental thing. As such men should appeal to the mind of a woman in order to appeal to her libido. This is the main reason why women are looking for men who interest them. A man who is interesting is a man who can be a potential sexual partner for them. Appealing to a woman’s mind is one of the hardest things that a man has to learn. However, if he is lucky enough to attract a woman’s mental interest, then there is a big chance that he has also triggered the woman’s libido.

It engages an onrush of hormones

A woman’s libido is totally dependent on her hormones. If she has an onrush of hormones, then there is a big possibility that she is having a libido that is working on overdrive. This is one of the major explanations why a woman has a high libido during her period. This is a time when there is a huge onset of hormones injected in her bloodstream. As such, they ironically have a very high sex drive in a time when their bodies still cannot have sex due to the heavy bleeding. These hormones can be very hard for them to control at times.

It can go on to overdrive

As previously mentioned, a woman’s libido can go into overdrive if the conditions are right. Firstly her mind must be appealed to and she has to get a sudden rush of hormones that her body is not used to dealing with. When this happens, a woman’s libido can go into overdrive to the point that she will often stop at nothing until her libido is satisfied.

It tapers down after menopause

When a woman enters menopause, her libido starts to taper off. This is inevitable regardless of the level of libido a woman has. Menopause will definitely eliminate her libido. If she wants to continue having it, she needs to get some hormone injections.

Women who wish to maintain their libido well into their advanced years should really talk with a doctor. This will ensure that they will be able to get the right treatment that gives them the libido they want without putting their health in danger. The right doctor is really a big help.