Amish Baskets

The Amish make a variety of beautiful hand-woven baskets, perfect for decorating or using. These heirloom-quality baskets are made by Amish and Mennonite families in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

What are the three types of baskets?

Several Amish basketmakers also sell their own items in their local markets or at specialty boutiques. Find traditional style baskets in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Amish Baskets are a great gift for anyone who loves baskets and wants to own a hand-woven example! When you purchase an Amish basket, you are helping a real family become skilled craftsmen.

Baskets are an essential element of everyday life, whether you’re shopping for groceries, laundry or a special gift. During the holidays, they add a sense of tradition and a pop of color to any tablescape.

They are ideal for storing and displaying treasured mementos, like photos or keepsakes. They can also serve as a decorative accent for any room.

Some baskets are woven with plaiting techniques, while others are coil-formed. The plaiting technique determines how the horizontal weft is wound through the vertical warp.

Coiling, on the other hand, relates to the way the basket’s foundation is created. Many Native tribes use yucca or palm to coil their baskets, while others use twine or raffia.

In the Northeast, plaited woodsplint storage baskets are the preferred choice of regional Native basketmakers. In the Southwest, however, coiled baskets are often preferred, due to their flexibility and durability.

Baskets come in a wide range of styles and materials, from wicker to seagrass to rattan. Their natural materials provide a rich palette and subtle texture. And their familiar shapes have a rustic charm that’s innate to their utility and beauty.

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