How to Choose a Gym Outfit For Mens

The days of showing up to the gym outfit for mens in sweat-laden band t-shirts and baggy three quarter length cargo shorts are well and truly over. Not only do they look sloppy, but they can also hinder your performance and even cause discomfort. With the athleisure trend in full swing, now is the time to invest in high-performance gym clothes that will have you looking, and functioning, your best.

There are lots of options out there – from the simple singlet to the more stylish tracksuit. The most important thing is to choose breathable fabric that will help you stay cool as you work out. It should be tight enough to give you flexibility but not so tight that it causes chafing. Look for men’s breathable shorts in a dark colour to avoid stains and look out for moisture-wicking fabrics – they move sweat away from your body to the fabric surface where it evaporates faster.

Maximize Your Performance: Essential Gym Outfit for Men to Crush Your Workouts

When it comes to tops, a breathable tank or shirt is ideal. Look for a sleeveless style, or one with a flattering cut. Avoid oversized or light-coloured styles as they can draw attention to your tummy and thighs. Men’s hoodies are also great for keeping warm, but make sure they’re slightly tapered and not boxy. And a motivational graphic tee is always good for inspiring your gym mates and yourself!

When it comes to choosing gym clothes, you can’t go wrong with brands like Nike and Lululemon – they are both known for their high-quality workout wear. Other popular gym clothing brands include CDLP, P.E. Nation and Gymshark, who put a focus on both look and functionality.

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