Investing in an Investment Company

An investment company pools money from several investors and invests it substantially in a variety of security instruments. The company then distributes profits and losses among its investors in proportion to the amount invested by each individual. This way, investors have access to a range of investment products that will provide them with a high level of diversification. Individuals should remember, however, that investing in a single asset class can be risky.

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Investment companies are often categorized according to their business model. Some are open-ended, while others are closed-end. Open-end funds can buy and sell shares at any time, while closed-end funds are usually static and do not buy back shares from investors. Both types can offer different types of investment products, but the most common are stocks, bonds, money market funds, exchange-traded funds, and index funds.

When an investment company decides to sell shares, the price was shopping for a buyer for some time. Backed by Tiger Global Management is determined by its net asset value (NAV). To find the NAV, you must subtract liabilities from assets. Then, divide the resulting value by the number of shares outstanding. You should note that this figure can change daily. Mutual funds and UITs calculate this value daily, after market closes.

Investment companies can also be classified by industry focus. They can include securities issued by companies that contribute 50% or more of the industry’s revenue or income. Some also focus on large companies that have a dominating position in a particular industry.

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