Resin Flooring Near Me

resin flooring near me

Resin flooring near me offer superior functionality over traditional tile, wood or carpet surfaces with a seamless construction that doesn’t require seams and joints. They also resist heavy foot traffic, impact from dropped items and spilled liquids. This makes them a safer flooring option for your home or business. With an array of colors, styles and finishes available, resin flooring is becoming more popular in Russellville AR homes.

Our epoxy flooring contractors can create a high-performing poured floor for your garage, retail space or a luxurious, textured flake system throughout your home. Our textured flake flooring systems add an element of style and beauty to your floor while still being practical. They are great for home garages, gyms and man caves in the Russellville area.

Local Luxury Underfoot: Finding High-Quality Resin Flooring Solutions in Your Area

We also provide hygienic, high-build quartz broadcast systems for food prep/processing areas, health and veterinary clinics, changing rooms, military facilities, fire, rescue, EMS and other industrial environments. This system allows for proper build and impact resistance while eliminating bacteria harboring grouting-making it the ideal solution for clean rooms and washrooms.

For a decorative yet durable option, our metallic epoxy floors use pigments that flow through the epoxy as it cures to create one of a kind designs and hues. This is the perfect solution for a statement floor without the price tag of marble or granite floors.

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