Solar PV Ireland – Big Savings

solar pv ireland

Solar home can save you money in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is direct savings on your electricity bill as each KW of energy that your PV system generates represents one less KW that you have to buy off the grid. Depending on the size of your PV system, this can amount to significant monthly savings.

Solar panels also produce energy during cloudy or rainy weather as they work off solar radiation (light not heat). In fact, US-backed research suggests that a roof with shade can be as effective as a sunlit roof.

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The other big saving is the feed-in tariff which pays you a fixed rate for each kWh of electricity your solar panel system generates that you don’t use. This is a very attractive rate that will increase over time. The rates offered by each electricity supplier vary, with SSE Airtricity and Pinergy offering the best feed-in tariffs at the moment.

The final big saving is the SEAI grant, which can be used to subsidise the cost of your solar pv system. Wizer Energy can help you apply for this grant, which is available to domestic households, farmers and business. The grant will also cover the cost of any ancillary equipment needed, such as batteries, EV chargers and FAR infrared heating. These can be installed in conjunction with your solar pv system and will further increase your savings.

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