Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs

A well-maintained court can enhance the quality of a facility and provide players with a smooth, consistent surface for play. However, courts deteriorate over time and may need repairs to restore their shock-absorbing capabilities and surface integrity.

Tennis Court Repairs can be as simple as crack filling or as complex as a reconstruction of an entire surface. In general, the best way to determine whether a court needs repair or resurfacing is by keeping an eye out for cracks that develop daily and are growing in size. These cracks are often a symptom of smaller or larger problems underneath the surface and should be addressed quickly.

When cracks appear it is important to hire a professional tennis court contractor. This professional will clean the cracks of any dirt or debris, fill the cracks with an acrylic crack binder and then sand down the areas. The cracked area should then be coated with a new surface coating. The cost of this type of repair is typically under $500. However, the cracks will likely return unless they are repaired on a regular basis.


Once a tennis court starts showing signs of aging it is time to consider resurfacing. A new surface will improve the level of play, make the playing field more even and reduce the amount of slipping and sliding that can occur.

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