What Is a Building Surveyor?

building design

Building design refers to the wide ranging architectural, structural and technological applications to the construction of commercial buildings. All building projects require that of a building engineer, usually a licensed civil engineer. A licensed civil engineer has to be trained for three years, after which he must pass the GIA (General Electric Institute) exam. In order to become an engineer, he must also obtain twenty one months of work experience, or two years of engineering experience equivalent. An additional year of training is required by most state in America and the training is available in a wide variety of colleges including state colleges.

How To Save Money With What Is A Building Surveyor?

In the field of architecture, building design is responsible for the overall aesthetic appeal of the structures. The buildings are designed to reflect the theme of the owner’s building or office complex and are constructed with the appropriate functionality in mind. Architectural designers will often collaborate with interior designers to produce floor plans and furniture layouts to be included in the project. Once the basic layout is finalized, the architect will then hand the project over to a construction team of qualified laborers, masons and carpenters, who will build the structure piece-by-piece, according to the original blueprint.

In today’s construction boom, many buildings have gone up without a building design, and there is a huge need for an expert in building design, particularly in commercial and office settings. The building surveyor is responsible for knowing the boundaries, depths and width of various structures, as well as knowing where underground utilities are located. They are involved in every stage of construction and must stay informed of all changes that occur on site. They are often present during the bidding and negotiating stages, as they are consulted on materials, specifications and scheduling. By putting their training and expertise to good use, building surveyors have made the construction process both a safe and efficient one.

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