YouTube Ad Formats

People watch a billion hours of video on YouTube Ad Formats every day, providing a huge audience for your marketing messages. YouTube’s diverse range of ad formats let you broadcast your message in the ways that best fit your goals and resonate with your target audience.

Skippable in-stream ads play before, during or after other videos on YouTube and across Google’s video partner network. They’re usually short promotional videos that viewers can choose to skip after five seconds. They’re optimized to drive awareness, consideration, or online sales, and are charged using Target CPM bidding.

Exploring YouTube Ad Formats: Choosing the Right One for Your Campaign

Non-skippable in-stream ads are 15 seconds or shorter, and they don’t allow viewers to skip them. These are best for brand awareness campaigns.

In-feed video ads appear in search results, next to related YouTube videos, or on the YouTube mobile homepage and channel page. They feature a video thumbnail image and up to two lines of text, and require viewer interaction (like hovering over the thumbnail) to initiate muted autoplay. They’re charged using CPV bidding and can include an ad extension (like a site link or lead form) and product feed for more conversion possibilities.

YouTube masthead ads appear at the top of the YouTube home feed on desktop, mobile, and TV. They’re charged on a cost-per-day basis and provide a high-visibility placement to showcase your brand, products or services to the widest possible audience. They’re also available on a reservation basis through a Google sales representative.

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