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For those the students of American Intercontinental University (AIU) who want to access the official website of it, it is better for you to log into the site first. There are three kinds of student log in for you. They are student log in online, student login Atlanta, and student login Houston. In this article, you are going to know more about the first one which is student login online. Keep reading the article well.

In order to do student login online, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of American Intercontinental University. When you are in the homepage, move the cursor to the top right of the page. It is where the student login is located. As stated before, there are two options offered. Please click the first one which is student login online. By clicking the button, you will be taken to the page of student login online.

You will be asked about the username and the password to do student login online. Two of them are the same ones that you made when you created the account for the very first time. Please fill them out well and put some focuses, especially the password one, as it is invisible. You can take your time on filling out the password and just re-type the password if you feel it does not right. You can also count every digit of it to make it right. In case you forgot the password, there is a link named “Forgot Password?” that located in the bottom of the column. To get the password back, you will be required the portal username or the email address. Please type one of them and click the Submit button so your password can be reset as soon as possible. When you are sure about everything, you can click the blue “GO” button to be taken to the next page. Before clicking the blue “GO” button, you can put the checkmark on “Remember my username” if you do not want to be asked about the same thing when you want to access the site later. However, you have to take a note that this one is not recommended for you who log into the site using someone else’s device. This one can lead to your account to be hacked. So, please be wise.

If you face any difficulties on doing student login online, you can seek for a help by dialing 847 585 2268. Do not hesitate to call the number as the representative of American Intercontinental University (AIU) will help you gladly. For the better respond, it is better for you to call the number on workday and work time. There is also an email address to get the respond but you might not have the respond well. Once again, calling the number above is the best option. Another way to seek a help is to contact the members of community or your friend who knows about this kind of thing.

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