Car to Rental Buying Tips

When it comes to renting cars, there are many factors to consider. The type, size and class of the vehicle you rent can affect your travel plans. If you’re planning a trip with multiple passengers, a large, luxury car may be your best option.

What is the difference between car rental and carsharing?

Avoid hidden fees and charges by comparing prices from several companies. Look for long-term rates, discounts and loyalty programs to get the best deal on your rental. Link :

Insurance and add-ons: The cost of these add-ons can add up to an additional $15 to $30 per day, but they could save you thousands of dollars if you have an accident or your car is stolen. Check to see if these coverages are covered by your credit card, employer or auto insurance policy.

Driver age requirements: Most rental car companies have minimum age restrictions for drivers. If you’re not sure what those are, call the rental company to ask.

Cancellation policies: Some companies charge a cancellation fee to customers who cancel their rental less than 24 hours before pick-up. However, this fee is usually refunded if the car was paid for in advance.

Refueling: Adding gas to a rented car can be a costly affair. Most rental companies charge a fee for this service.

Driving Out of State: It’s legal to drive a rental car out of state, but it’s important to check the rules set by your rental car company before you leave home. You may be subject to a border crossing fee and other fees.

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