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CTC Blackboard Webadvisor is the name of the system provided by Central Texas College. Blackboard and Webadvisor are two different things. blackboard is the name of the hosting platform for the online classes of the college. Meanwhile, Webadvisor is the place where you register for the admission to the college and thereby enroll in the classes.

To access both of them, you will be required the usename and the password. For the CTC Blackboard, your username is the lowercase followed by the seven digit CC ID. If it is needed, please add leading zeros in order to reach seven digits. As for the password, it is your date of birth in numeric format, month, day, and last two digits of the year (mmddyy). If you have any questions related to CTC Blackboard, please contact 24/7 Blackboard Support at 1 866 350 4729.

For those the first time users of CTC Webadvisor, here is the information to log into the webadvisor for you. Apparently, your permanent user ID is the letter “c” or lowercase plus your 7 digit CTC ID. For instance, it is c7894561. As for the initial password, it will be your date of birth in MMDDYY format. Remember that you will be brought to the page that will state that your password has expired. In this case, you will require to create the new password. the new one must include the combination of letters and numbers. It is between 6-9 characters but with no special characters. It is better for you to avoid the usingnames of people. Using the password that has previously been used for the Webadvisor access is also not recommended. Please always refresh the page while creating the new one. To make it better, you can also delete your browser cookies, history, and cache.

In case you forgot your password, you can click a link written “What’s My Password?” which is located in the top right hand corner. Then, choose “I don’t remember: Reset my password”. By clicking this one, you will be taken to the page that will require you to enter your last name and either the SSN(Social Security Numbers) or CTC ID. When everything is done, please click the Submit button. After that, please choose the email to have the password sent to.

If you face any difficulties or have any questions related to CTC Webadvisor, please contact the Help Desk of CTC Webadvisor. There are several ways that you can choose. The first one is to dial (254) 526 1637 or (800) 792 3348 and talk to the representative of this Webadvisor. Please explain what issue you are facing clearly so they can fix your issue as soon as possible. in case you are too lazy to talk through the phone, there is an alternative for you. Another one is to send an email to webadvisor.tech@ctcd.edu. If you decide to send one, please include your full name, your date of birth, your CTC ID, and your address on file in your email for identity verification.

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