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If you’re considering buying an electric push bike, you’ve probably considered going to the city’s best e-bike store. Sydney Electric Bikes offers the largest selection of electric bikes in Australia, and was the first Ebike shop in Australia. The company has sold thousands of electric bikes since 2009 and has six stores in Sydney. They also offer free servicing, and are fully equipped with lights, helmets, and other accessories. To find the perfect electric bike, simply browse their online inventory, or visit one of their six stores.

Make It Easier To Carry Groceries

The company has partnered with the Royal National Park in Sydney, and you can rent an e-bike from them for a tour. While you’re there, you should know that electric bikes in New South Wales are subject to a strict set of laws. In addition, e-bikes with a 200w motor must stop when the rider exceeds 25km/h. And if you plan on riding through the park, consider renting an electric bike, as you won’t have to pedal to take off!

Another electric bike Sydney company is called Lime. Their electric bikes have a GPS app that helps customers unlock the nearest one, and they can then leave it wherever they finish their journey. While the company is new to Australia, the company has been successful in other cities, including Melbourne and Brisbane. These companies’ business models have proven to be popular abroad, and Lime is confident that they can do the same in Australia. However, other similar schemes have failed to thrive in the country. In June, the giant oBike collapsed and left thousands of bikes behind. Customers felt ripped off.

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