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Grand Canyon University grows the campus student body from fewer than 1,000 students in 2009 to more than 19,000 ground students in fall 2017 and the incoming student GPA was 3.5. In 2016, there are more than 75% of the traditional students in the university study in rigorous STEM and business programs.

Nontraditional student body of Grand Canyon University increased from almost 22,000 students at the beginning of 2009 to more than 60,000 online students now. More than 47% of the online students body of Grand Canyon  University is studying at the graduate level and that percentage is growing.

By 2018, this university changed back to a non-profit institution that provided faculty and students with chances which are equitable to:

  • Operate a philanthropic foundation
  • Participate in academic and co-curricular chances with peer institutions
  • Invest in educational infrastructure
  • Provide grant writing and research chances for faculty and students
  • Permit the university to continue offering tuition at levels that make private higher education affordable to all Americans despite socio-economic class
  • Continue to invest in the communities where the universities serves.
  • Provide employment and career growth chances for faculty and staff
  • Allow student athletes to participate in governance chances afforded by the NCAA

If you are a present or previous student at Grand Canyon University, you are able to sign in using your Student Portal account login information to make or update an application. In the login section, you just need to enter your Student Portal username and also your password and then do not forget to hit Log In button. To access your account, you are also able to go to gcuportal.gcu.edu. There, you will see 2 options including Student Access and Faculty Access. Choose Student Access and then you will have to enter your username and then click Next. If you are not able to access your account or you need a help, you are able to contact Help Desk at 1-877-428-8447. Alternatively, you are also able to go to support.gcu.edu.

For your information, in Grand Canyon University, there is GCU Student Ad Agency. It enables students to get real world experience in marketing and advertising fields while earning their degree. Grand Canyon University’s Student Ad Agency has a variety of paid, part time job chances such as graphic design, copywriting, social media specialist, marketing research, marketing project assistant, videographer and many others. If you want to join GCU’s Student Ad Agency, you are able to learn how at gcu.edu/studentagency.

Besides offering the chance above, GCU also has facilities to meet the needs of students and cultivate world-class learning experiences. Those are State of the art GCU Stadium and GCU arena; recreation and fitness centers; contemporary residence halls and apartments completed with swimming pool; Student Union and popular eateries along Lopes Way; The Grove which is a community of four suite style residence halls exclusively for freshman; two new engineering classroom building which is dedicated to cutting edge STEM learning and many others. Hopefully, this information can be helpful and thank you for reading this.

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