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For those the students of Grand Canyon University, you must know that sometimes, GCU Student Portal is under maintenance. The period itself usually starting from 6 PM to 11 PM. Then, what can you do if this situation ever happened to you? First of all, you do not have to worry as you are still able to access your classes directly through a thing called GCU Student Portal Loudcloud during that time. Do you want to know more about the term? You are better to read the rest of the article and do not miss a single thing.

By reading the paragraph above, it can be concluded that GCU Student Portal Loudcloud is similar to GCU Student Portal. Basically, there is no significantly difference. The only difference is the time it can be used. When GCU Student Portal can be used for most of the time, GCU Student Portal Loudcloud takes a role to serve the visitors when there is maintenance.

Just like logging into GCU Student Portal, accessing GCU Student Portal Loudcloud is easy. The classroom could be hosted in different locations, depending on the degree program you are pursuing. It is better for you to access GCU Student Portal Loudcloud through the GCU Student Portal as it will always direct you to the right website. If you want to use this way, you can do it by navigating to gcu.edu and choose Student Access. Please keep in mind that you are not recommended to bookmark the GCU Student Portal Loudcloud log in page since it can cause confusion down to the road.

As stated before, there may be a time in which the GCU Student Portal may be temporarily inaccessible due to the scheduled maintenance or the service corruption. During this kind of time, GCU Student Portal Loudcloud can still be accessed by logging in directly. Once again, everything depends on the course level and the degree program you are seeking, you class will be located in one of the following:

1. Old Loudcloud:

Loudcloud undergraduate (course level up to 499)
Loudcloud graduate or doctoral 2 (course level between 500 to 999)

2. New Loudcloud:

For your information, each course that takes place in this platform can vary by program and degree level. In case you are not sure if your course is in this website, please contact the counselor. Every class of GCU will eventually be located in the new Loudcloud environment. You can take a look at the timeline of when to expect your courses in this system:
3/29/18 – Criminal Justice Graduate Classes
5/24/18 – College of Theology Graduate Classes
6/28/18 – College of Doctoral Studies
8/27/18 – All Traditional Ground Classes
10/4/18 – All new Graduate level classes
12/3/18 – All new Undergraduate classes
In addition, this New Loudcloud has three website for different types of courses available.
Online undergraduate (course level up to 499): http://lms-ungrad/gcu.edu
Online graduate or doctoral (course level between 500 to 999): https://lms-grad.gcu.edu
Campus classes (traditional classes with course level up to 499): http://lms-trad.gcu.edu

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