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Same as other universities and colleges, HFCC uses WebAdvisor as one of applications that can be used by students and faculty to see and enter data. What is the function of WebAdvisor? With WebAdvisor, students can register for classes and drop classes, search for classes, order transcript and print an unofficial transcript for yourself, sign up for a payment plan, apply for graduation, view “My Documents” to see if you have any missing financial aid or admissions documents, view and accept your financial aid award, update your mailing and email address, check your grades, add a bank account for direct deposit of Refund Checks, view your class schedule, pay for classes, and view your program evaluation including what classes you have left to complete your degree.

To use WebAdvisor, you have to visit www.hfcc.edu/webadvisor. Then, click on Students. To find your user ID, you have to click on What’s my user ID. Then, enter your last name and one of the following: Social Security Number or HANK ID Number which consist of 7 digit Student Number. Then, click on Submit and you will receive your UserID. After seeing your User ID, click OK. Then, return to the main menu of www.hfcc.edu/webadvisor by clicking on the Main Menu tab on the top. Now, you have to click on Students.

After that, click on the Log In tab that you can find on the top right corner of the screen. In this step, you need to insert your User ID and password. Use the User ID that you just located. Your password will be set to a four digit code using the month and date of birth (MMDD). Later, you are able to set up challenge questions and select your own password. On the left-hand side under the Registration menu, you have to click on Register for Sections. Then, click on Search and Register for Sections. Fill in a minimum of 2 fields to search for available courses. Try Term and Subject at a minimum. If you know the course number and section, add that information. And then, do not forget to click on Submit. After that, the search results will come up. Choose the section that you would like to register for by placing your cursor in the select box on the left side of the screen beside the section you are choosing and then click Submit. The class that you select now will come up in your Preferred Sections list. Currently, you will need to take Action to Register. Select an option in the dropdown menu under Action. You are able to Register, Add to Waitlist and more via the Action dropdown menu and then click Submit. The results of your registration will come up. If there is a conflict with the class or registration issue, it will come up at the top of the screen. Then, click OK.

Maybe you want to print your class schedule. If so, select Students Menu tab on the top right of the screen. Select My Class Schedule under the Academic Profile Section. Then, choose the Term and press Submit. Your schedule will come up. Select the File menu on the top left and then choose Print. You have to make sure that you complete the other steps in the process of enrollment. For more information, you can visit www.hfcc.edu/steps. Remember to make sure that your payment method is arranged. If you are a brand new student, you have to select a new password to replace the one you were provided. Besides, on https://dvc.hfcc.net/passwords, click on: Setup My Challenge Questions in case you need to forget your password in the future.

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