How Do You Know If a Pre Rolled Joint Is of the Highest Quality?

A pre rolled joint cannabis is a convenient and affordable way to enjoy the smoking experience. It saves time, is portable, and rolled by someone else to make sure it is the highest quality every time!

How much nicotine is in a roll?

The biggest concern people have about buying a pre-roll is that it might be filled with subpar product. This can be caused by manufacturers that are just getting started in the industry and fill their pre-rolls with shake, stems, or other pieces of weed that would have gone to waste before they got their start.

Some dispensaries may still be using this practice, so be wary of purchasing from them. A quality dispensary will have a strict policy of only offering their highest-quality flower and pre-rolls to their customers.

Does It Burn Well?

One of the most common problems when smoking a pre-roll is a run, which is when the cannabis burns unevenly. To prevent runs, try giving a light squeeze to feel for areas of under packing or over packing. If there is over packing, untwist the end and use a thin object like a tamping stick to press the marijuana into an even joint before lighting.

The best way to ensure a pre-roll is of the highest quality is to smell it before you smoke it. This is the easiest way to tell if it has been properly stored and is ready for use.

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