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Kinnser ADL is available in app version so that you are able to download this Kinnser ADL app on your smartphone. If you are an Iphone user, the Kinnser ADL app is able to be downloaded on App store and if you are an Android user, you are able to download Kinnser ADL app on your Google Play Store.

By using Kinnser ADL app, now you are able to manage anything about your job in your hand with your beloved smartphone anywhere and anytime you want. As we know that Kinnser Sofware is one of the best and recognized software technology companies that founded in 2003. Until know there are many people who use and trust with this Kinnser Software. Even, with this Kinnser ADL App, it makes many people choose that it is their best software because by using Kinnser ADL App, it makes anything easier.

There are some features of Kinnser ADL App. Here are some features:

  1. By using Kinnser ADL App, you are able to track your referral companies and contacts separately. Besides that, you are able also get a count of the total referrals provided. With this Kinnser ADL App, you have an ability to drill down and see the contacts. Then, you are going to get their status and shift schedule.
  2. With Kinnser ADL App, you are able to attach notes to companies and contacts on visits which you have made. You have to know that immediately the notes are available to your office staff. In this case, you are able to view the clients and caregivers and provide status updates to discharge managers on family visits. Then, you are able to assign tasks to yourself or office staff from the app and enable to alert them immediately in the system or with a text.
  3. Nurses and geriatric care managers are able to see the client diagnosis, assigned caregivers, scheduled shifts, and care plan. In this feature, you are able to create the notes which available in the full online system immediately. Assigning tasks for office staff, billing or scheduling, anything is able to be done with this Kinnser ADL App.
  4. Another feature of Kinnser ADL App is that phone numbers, email, URLs and address are fully integrated in your Android application providing website look-up, seamless calling, driving directions and emails communication.

In other case, if you worry about security, please do not be worried about security because this Kinnser ADL App uses secure encrypted data transfer with no data being stored on the phone. There are some requirements that you have to consider if you want to use this Kinnser ADL App such as below.

  1. You must have cellular or wifi connection during use the Kinnser ADL App.
  2. Current subscription and password for Kinnser ADL.

Now, go online and get the benefits of the full functioning, device agnostic and view how much easier your business can run. Then, you are able to remove the integration and run a single system that has telephony, Mobile GPS Time Tracking, CRM, scheduling, payroll processing, and billing and QuickBooks automated data feeds.

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