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Kinnser ADL is a software of private duty and it allows you to run your business anywhere you are by using your device. Kinnser ADL will integrate seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource (HR), telephony systems, and billing and payroll.

Besides, this software will also allow you to quickly and seamlessly navigate your daily assignments, bill and track payments and also make invoice management, credits, deposits, reversals, adjustments and more. By using CMS-1500 and UBS-04 forms, you are able to streamline your business while the features like automated shift reminders, GPS time cards and mass texting help simplify caregiver management.

Well, talk about Kinnser ADL, you may want to use this software but you still doubt. So here, we give you some depiction about this software by giving you some reviews from other users. If you check in App store, Kinnser ADL’s rating is 2 out of 5. A user in February 2015 said that it is great having the client and caregiver information at his finer tips anywhere. This software has a lot of functions and if you do not have the present OS it will not run. However, it is well worth the price and this app has come a long way. Another user also write his comment in July 2016. He said that this software has a great concept but it needs more work. It periodically causes his iPhone to crash to the Apple screen and it forces him to do a hard restart and lose info. Well, it is better for you try it first. Those comments came in previous years and now this software has grown and of course they always do some innovative things. Are you worried about security? If so, you do not need to. It is because this software has secure encrypted data transfer. Besides, there is no data which is stored on your phone. If you want to use this software, you just need to have cellular or wifi connection at all times during use (for iOS, it must be at least 6.0 or higher), and also you have to own current subscription and password for You are able to download the app from App store or Google Play. Before you decide to use this app, you may think about the things that will happen to the data when you stop using ADL. Well, the client data which resides in ADLware is your data 100%. If you stop using ADLware in the future, they will provide you all of your data at no cost in CSV or excel formats. They have been careful to label their data well so it would be useful and understandable without asking a complex data model diagram. Besides, they will permit read only access to the system for a single user for 2 months at no cost and 25$ a month for that level of access beyond 2 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online now and see the benefits of the full functioning, iPad friendly ADLware and see how much easier your business will run. You can omit the integrations and run a single system that has them all.

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