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Adlware was an idea produced over lunch in late 2007. This idea came from three friends, respective owners of a nursing home, a home care company and a technology consulting company. At that time, they were talking about the ever-changing technological strategies and needs to their industries. This lunch resulted in market research, present home care software analysis and an assessment of the real needs of the rapidly growing home healthcare industry. What is the result? The result it Benesan Corporation made its first enterprise software system named ADLware.

ADLware is about managing the care of the clients based on their needs and desires permitting the client to remain independent with the help of hourly caregivers. Now, ADLware is a part of the Kinnser product family and they support government / state reimbursement plans where time is authorized to show hourly based preauthorized tasks. Now, they have a lot of clients which provide private pay medical/ nursing care. As a result the CMS codes are able to be placed in the care plan and task management.

But, these codes are utilized for federal reimbursement so private pay medical is about the clients medical needs and wishes as it relates to their quality of life and not always directly tied to a doctors order and tasks needing to be done for reimbursement. ADLware is able to support CMS codes and fixed based task billing but this is not their focus. This software is great for long term care insurance billing, private pay billing, and medicaid waiver program billing. But, this software is not for home health medical billing and hospice medical billing. They have a lot of clients that provide the Home Health services and hospice end if life care provided by nurses. This work is usually privately paid to provide additional services not covered by doctors orders or benefits of insurance. Talk about ADLware, you may be one of the users of this software. If so, it is good for you to have Kinnser support number. It is needed when you face some problem related to that software. You may face some problem when you are using this software and then you need a help from ADLware team. If you do not have the number of Kinnser support yet, then you have to note this. Well for Kinnser ADL, you are able to contact them via email at or There is also a phone number at (877) 399-6538 or 844 357 2596. If you want to send a mail, you are able to send your mail to Kinnser Software 2600 Via Fortune Suite 150 Austin, TX 78746.

Well, that’s all the information that we can give about ADLware including the Kinnser tech support and contact number. Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you get what you are looking for in this article. If you are also looking for other information about Kinnser, you are able to read other articles in this site.

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