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Kinnser software has released a mobile application which is aimed for growing home health field. This app will permit clinicians to complete documentation within EMR even without access to the web or cellular service. The field of home health is hoped to grow in importance as hospitals look for ways to curb readmission rates for certain, more vulnerable populations, notably seniors but also individuals with other chronic illnesses.

Then, the home health industry is likely able to benefit from that development by making it easier with mobile technology for the clinician to complete documentation at the point of care. Kinnser team says that agencies are able to increase the accuracy of their clinical data and improve care.

What else can this app do? It is able to reduce errors and increase accuracy on matters related to billing and quality assurance. Kinnser cited a survey that said three-fourths of home industry leaders view mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as important tools to improve business and care.Kinnser also says that mobile devices account for almost 40% of clinicians’ digital time working and it hopes to meet the demand with its mobile software especially for more rural areas that lack stable internet connection. Then, they add that its data within the app is fully encrypted. It will work by using any internet enabled tablet, clinicians load the documents that they are scheduled to use that day via their Kinnser Hotbox into the HIPPA compliant Kinnser Link app. Then, the documents are able to be accessed with no internet access. After that, when web access is regained, the previously saved documents are able to be chosen and sent to the agency’s online EMR. The important thing that you have to know is that this app is compatible with iOS and Android tablets. So, whatever your device is, you are able to download this app in your device. If you want to download, you are able to go to Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users and find Kinnser Link app. If you go to the store, you will see there are explanation about this software including the things that you can do by using this Kinnser Link. What are they?

  • By using this app, you are able to improve accuracy and you can do that by completing clinical notes at the point of care.
  • You are able to increase the speed of submission for clinical notes.
  • You are able to reduce overtime and errors by omitting redundant data entry.
  • You are able to push securely to Kinnser Agency Manager and never lose documentation again.
  • You are able to guarantee security and HIPPA compliance and you can do that by using the encrypted Kinnser Link app.

If your agencies uses Progress to Goals,the OASIS-C2 Recertification task for Skilled Nursing is now available in this app. With Progress to Goals, you can have the added bonus of improved goal and intervention documentation. Same as other documents which are available in Link, you are also able to complete the Recert offline on your tablet and push it to your main Kinnser app once you are connected to the internet.

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