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Electronic Medical Record (EMRs) is a collection of patient and population health information which is electronically stored in a digital format. It also can be said as a digital version of the paper charts in the office of the clinicians. What are the contents of EMR? In EMR, there are the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. Compared to paper records, using EMR has some advantages which permit clinicians to:

  • Identify easily which patients are due for preventive screening or checkups.
  • Track data over time.
  • Observe and improve on the whole quality of care within the practice.
  • Inspect how their patients are doing on certain parameters like vaccinations or blood pressure readings.

The records in EMR can be shared across different health care settings. It is important to know that EMR and EHR are two different things. EHR focuses on the total health of the patient which is going beyond standard clinical data collected in the office of provider and inclusive of a broader view on a patient’s care. EHR can include a range data including medical history, demographics, medication and allergies, laboratory test results, immunization status, vital sign, radiology images, personal statistics such as weight and age and also billing information.

Talk about EMR, Kinnser has mobile EMR app which can work without internet connection. We all know that a flickering internet connection can frustrate a lot of medical professionals attempting to work on an EMR. So, Kinnser software has tried to circumvent that with its new app named Kinnser Link which enables doctors to document patient information without an internet connection or cell service. As a user, you are able to download the documents that you need for the day into the encrypted, HIPPA-compliant app, where they can be accessed locally on the device. If the device is reconnected to the internet later in the day, the documents can be uploaded to the online EMR. If the information is uploaded to the EMR, the data will be soon wiped from the device and it will enables better security. This app is available for iPhone and Android platform. So, whatever your device either iOS or android, you are able to use this app to make your business easier to do. You are able to download it from App Store if you are iOS users and you are able to download it from Google Play if you are Android users.

Some of you are probably still unfamiliar with Kinnser. This is a primarily a home health technology provider which was launched in 2003 and it is based in Austin, Texas. This company provides an EMR named Kinnser Agency Manager which is web-based and managed and it it permits the company to do the updating and managing, unlike a proprietary system, where IT specialists have to maintain it. This company serves more than 4,000 home health, hospice, therapy and private duty home care providers nationwide. Kinnser software is created to help thousands of clinicians and other staff in post-acute healthcare to manage scheduling, electronic visit verification billing, day-to-day operations and patient referrals.

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