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Kinnser Hospice software was created in collaboration with hospices and knowledgeable consultants who understand the challenges hospices face every day. Their purpose was to develop hospice software which is aligned with real world processes but also made team members more efficient. The result is a comprehensive, integrated point of care and back office software solution which is clear, intuitive and hassle free. There are some reasons why hospices love this software.

  • Affordable. Using this software will not demand you hosting fees. Besides, this software has clunky servers to maintain, or costly upgrades that take days, rest assured that you are always on the most recent version of Kinnser Hospice every time you login.
  • Web-based, fully mobile. This software can be accessed for 24 hours everyday including on weekends on all of your connected devices. So, you are able always to be on top of what is happening in your business.
  • Comprehensive. They combine everything your hospice needs into an application which is convenient, streamlining tasks, improving communication and facilitating collaboration.
    So, what can this software do? There are several things that Kinnser Hospice can do as described below.
  • Receiving referrals seamlessly and securely. This software utilizes the national standard in encryption. So, you are able to receive referrals and securely exchange health care data with hospitals, providers and the care team of patient.
  • Seeing all visits by disciplines on one calendar. You are able to rely on a single calendar view to effectively coordinate care and guarantee caregiver schedules.
  • Giving flexibility back to your clinicians. This software will permit trusted clinicians to move visits around within the Medicare work week, increasing caregiver satisfaction and also maintaining appropriate frequencies.
  • Managing bereavement follow-up tasks. This software will help you in managing the bereavement period just as you would a benefit period by linking bereaved parties to the patient record. You are able to schedule and track bereavement related activities like calls, emails, letters and visits.

So, let’s use this software for making your tasks easier. Change coordination of care with Kinnser Hospice’s HIPAA-compliant messaging system, Kmail. You are also able to send secure patient records and communications, track read receipts and link to the patient chart for seamless collaboration. Make daily schedules easy for clinicians by using Kinnser Hospice’s Hotbox. This feature can show your staff where they need to be and saves time by attaching any documents relevant to upcoming visits. Kinnser Hospice’s simple and recognizable clinical documentation can drive clinician satisfaction. It is built with hospice agencies for hospice agencies, the software is optimized for clinicians and back office staff. Then, Kinnser Link which is Kinnser Hospice’s Offline Documentation module will permit clinicians to document in the home even during rural visits or inside facilities where connectivity is not always available. What else? You can schedule, track, and document clinical activity for all core disciplines of the IDG/ IDT. It can simplify meetings with electronic signatures and the ability to sort patients by the last IDG/ IDT meeting date, days since last IDG/ IDT or the start of care date.

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