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Kinnser Software Linkedin consists of the information about Kinnser Software on a business and employment oriented service that operated via website and mobile apps called LinkedIn. You can get this one by visiting the official website of LinkedIn.

In the page of Kinnser Software LinkedIn, there is the information about the company. It is stated that Kinnser is making the software that is changing the future of the health care. The company delivers easy to use, agency management software backed by the top rated services teams. The main purpose of it is to help every customer of Kinnser to provide the best in patient care and thrive as businesses. The company serves over 4,000 home health agencies, hospices, and therapy companies across the United States and it is recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies by a magazine called Inc. 500 Magazine.

A company named Kinnser has grown. However, it has never stopped innovating. Right now, 20% of the annual revenue is reinvested into research and development. Since the first year, it has introduced breakthrough solutions not only for home health, but for private duty, therapy, and also hospice. In addition, it has developed powerful supporting products such as business intelligence, visit verification, direct secure messaging, and many more, that help every agency do more.

In the same page, there is information about who runs Kinnser Software. According to LinkedIn, the leaders who make the vision that makes the company run are Chris Hester as Director at WellSky, Joel Dolisy as CTO, Shoma Thomas as Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Scott Chlebos, and so on.

If you are interested in Kinnser Software and want to join those leaders of Kinnser Software mentioned in the previous paragraph, here are some job vacancies of Kinnser Software as posted by LinkedIn. The first one is called Inside Sales Representative. This job is the strategic member of the sales of the sales team that has responsibility to identify, nurture, and close the new sales opportunities. The main goal of this job is to uncover, develop, and sell qualified sales opportunities by teaching and tailoring the experience of the prospects. The sales role itself is focused on selling various products in Kinnser portfolio. This job will be challenging and exciting role that will be able to test your sales skills, strategic capabilities, and ability to remain focused and follow through on plans. The second one is Marketing Manager. As explained on LinkedIn, the essential functions of this job are:

  1. Oversee the subset of marketing channels and make sure the effectiveness of the channel, measurable results, and timely follow up by sales team.
  2. Work with the product management to support the new product launches and monitor selling of strategic add ons.
  3. Manage creative development for demand generation programs which might include but not limited to copywriting, content marketing, and product marketing, and so on.

For details information of Kinnser Software Linkedin, please visit the official website of LinkedIn.

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