Medicare Part B Vs Medicare Part A – What’s the Difference?

Medicare part A and Medicare part B are the two biggest sources of medical coverage for senior citizens. Understand Medicare isn’t as complicated as you believe. It’s basically the same as Medicare and Social Security, but written in another language.

The Ultimate Guide To Medicare Part B Vs Medicare Part A – What’s The Difference?

Medicare part A, also known as Part A premium, is what the government covers when you’re in the system. Medicare part B, also known as Part B premium, is what the government pays when you visit a doctor or hospital for your own health care. Medicare part A and Medicare part B are not the exact identical program. So don’t think that medicare part A is exactly like medicare part B. They are two different programs with different responsibilities and different Boomer benefits part B.

Medicare part A will cover your annual physician visits, outpatient visits and emergency rooms. Medicare part B will cover the costs of your hospital stay, surgical procedures, specialized medical treatment and other in-patient medical services that are medically necessary. So when deciding on which program to choose for your Medicare coverage, keep in mind which part of the plan will cover the most medical services and which one will pay for most of your out-of-network medical services. Choosing the right Medicare part for you and your family should be a priority when choosing an insurance company.

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