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SBVC Webadvisor is the name of the web-based service of San Bernardino Valley College. This one is the replacement of the similar service of the college called Campus Central. Starting from the Summer 2011 term, every student of San Bernardino Valley College who registered online through Campus Central before will register online from now on via SBVC Webadvisor. Do you want to know more about SBVC Webadvisor? Please keep reading and do not miss a single thing.

With SBVC Webadvisor, you are able to do a lot of things such as to view the priority registration date, to search for available classes (available daily), to register for classes, to make credit card payments (no more waiting in line), to print the schedule of the class, to view updates on the Financial Aid, to purchase parking permits (no more waiting in line), to view the Educational Plan, and to check the grades and unofficial transcripts.

Does SBVC Webadvisor take over everything? The answer to the question is no. Apparently, Central Campus functionality will still be available, except for the items above. There is a single sign-on capability on SBVC Webavisor that will keep access to Campus Central one click away.

In order to access all functions available, you have to log into SBVC Webadvisor first. Here are the steps to log in for the first time. First, get your User ID. In order to get the User ID, you have fill in the needed fields. The first one is your last name plus first name plus middle initial (if there is any). The second one is the birth date in MMDDYY format. The third one is the last 5 digits of the Social Security Number or College ID. What is your College ID? For those who are wondering about College ID, you can get one by entering your last name, your first name, your middle name (optional), your birth date in MMDDYY format, and the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number or SSN. Please take a note that you have to enter your last name and first name with all punctuations entered on your application. Second, reset your password. Apparently, the password mentioned above is temporary. It means you have to change it as soon as possible to prevent your academic record being hacked. If you want to reset your password, you have to fill in the 3 required fields, which have been mentioned before, and one of the two additional identifying numbers. If you want to verify what is in the system, please go to Admissions Office. Third, log in.

For those the current students who forgot your password, you can seek a help by clicking the link written “Forgot My Password?” If you need assistance to log in or you have any questions related to SBVC Webadvisor, there is a Help Desk that you can call. The number is 909 384 4357. When it comes to log in problem, you can also submit a Work Request use https://login.schooldude.come/mlogin?productid=community. Another one as the alternative is to send an email to

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