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If the SWC Webadvisor is not working while you are accessing it, there are some possible causes occur. If you want to know more about it and how you should handle the issue, please read the whole article and do not miss a single thing.

The first possible cause is your Internet connection does not work properly. In this case, you have to check it out by accessing the other sites. If you also cannot access the other ones, then it the possibility of the cause is getting brighter. Please try to disconnect your Internet connection and re-try to connect it.

The second possible cause is the SCW Webadvisor is on maintenance. As displayed on the official website of SWC Webadvisor, there will be always the system maintenance. Usually, it occurs on Monday through Sunday from 12:00 midnight to 5:00 AM. If you get the message saying “SWC Webadvisor Not Working” when you access it at the period, then the main reason behind it might be the system maintenance. As it will be so hard to access at the time, please try to access the SWC Webadvisor outside the time stated before. For your reference, you can access it on the Webadvisor hours operation which is on Monday through Sunday from 5:00 AM to 12:00 midnight.

There might be any other possible causes of “SWC Webadvisor Not Working”. If the two possible causes explained above are not the cases, please contact the representative of SWC Webadvisor. Reaching them as soon as you get the issue is best as the system can be fixed quickly. There are some ways for you to contact them. If you get an error while doing something related to admissions and registration, please visit the official website of SWC Chula Vista or contact them for more specific information at admissions@swccd.edu. If you need a help to reset your password, then call 619 421 6700, ext. 5215 or visit the admissions office. If you need a help or respond to blackboard messages that involve action by the Online Learning Center or to report the technical issues concerning the blackboard availability and performance, please contact the Online Learning Center at (619) 482 6595 for the students local number or 1 888 556 6718 for students off hours technical assistance number (apparently, this one is prior to 9:00 AM or after 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday. If it is related to general thing, you can contact the office at (619) 421 6700, ext. 5257/5258. In the worst cases, you can also send a mail to Southwestern College 900 Otay Lakes Rd Chula Vista CA 91910 (619) 421 6700.

Telling the representative of SWC Webadvisor about your issue is the best solution to get your issue fixed. They know well about the system and should have known the method to solve the issue. Aside seeking a help from the representative of SWC Webadvisor like Online Learning Center, you can also ask the other who know about SWC Webadvisor well.

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