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WebAdvisor has a number of benefits for users. For students, this application can be used to check their grades, to view their financial information, to view their financial aid, to print their unofficial transcript, to register classes and some others. So, students can do those things without having to go to campus. They can do those things just by sitting on the chair wherever and whenever they are. This application make students’ life easier. A lot of colleges and universities use this application and Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is one of the colleges which use it.

To be able to access WebAdvisor, you have to log in first. So, where do we start? First, you can go to https://webadvisor.tstc.edu. Then, on the right, click Account Information and then follow the subsequent steps. If you want to retrieve your User ID and Password online, you have to fill in your last name and your Cooleague/ Student ID. If you do not know your Colleague/ Student ID, you will need to contact the TSTC Campus Help Desk at 1-800-592-8784. If you want to contact this, you have to note the hours of operations which is on Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 9:30 and Saturday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you forget your password or username, you are able to retrieve it. To do that, you can click Manage My Password. Then, click on Forgotten Password if you forget your password. After click on that, you will have to fill in your username, confirm your username and colleague/ student ID. If you forget your username, click on Forgotten Username. After clicking that, you will have to fill in your Colleague/ Student ID, Confirm Colleague/ Student ID and also last name. Do not forget to click Search at the end. When you access WebAdvisor, you have to know that there is a time where you cannot access it because of maintenance. WebAdvisor will be down for maintenance or backups 7 days a week from 1:00 am until 6:00 am. So, make sure that you do not access WebAdvisor at that time.

If you need a help related to WebAdvisor, you are able to contact the TSTC Campus Help Desk through email, phone or chat. By phone, you can contact them at 1-800-592-8784. Via email, you can contact them at tstchelpdesk@tstc.edu. Then, via Yahoo im, you can contact them at tstchelpsdesk.

Texas State Technical College is a college which was built 50 years ago. It was built to help create a strong Texas. This college is living true to the vision of ‘the most sophisticated technical-vocational institute in the country’ which was said by Governor John Connally,  with ten campuses in Abilene, Brownwood, Breckenridge, Harlingen, Fort Bend County, North Texas, Marshall, Sweetwater, Williamson County and Waco. Well, the existence of WebAdvisor is one of the use of sophisticated thing where it can be used by students to make their needs related to campus easier and they can access it wherever and whenever they are.

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