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If you want to access Texas Woman’s University WebAdvisor, there are two ways to access it and you can choose one of them. First, you can access WebAdvisor through Pioneer Portal. In that portal, hit the WebAdvisor link which you can find under Important Links on the right. Second, you can also access WebAdvisor by navigating to Then, log on with Portal username (not and password.

Do you want to register for classes but you do not know what to do? Then, this guide can be helpful for you.

  • First, you have to log into your Pioneer Portal.
  • If you have logged in, then you need to click on WebAdvisor.
  • On the top right hand corner, hit Log In and then use your TWU username and password to log on.
  • Now, choose the Students tab after you have logged in.
  • Choose Student Self-Service & Registration (New Version) that you can find under the blue registration block.
  • After that, click on Registration To-Do List and update anything under Items for Completion.
  • Now, hit Student Planning. Here, you have to enter course name in search box in the top right corner. Remember, when you do that, do not add a space between name and number. Then, hit Enter.
  • On the filter results on the left side, choose Off-Campus.
  • Then, choose View Available Sections.
  • Now, you need to locate your Correct course by the section number and then select Add Section to Schedule.
  • Confirm you have chosen the Correct course under the Additional Information section. Enter 5 digit Course Code for your section in the Section Registration box and then choose Add Section.
  • To add any additional courses, follow steps 7 to 12.
  • Then, click on the Home button on the top left corner to return to main menu.
  • After that, click Student Planning, click on Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.
  • You have to make sure that your calendar shows the intended semester that you plan to register for on the top left corner.
  • If you want to register for all planned courses at once, you can click on the Register Now button in the upper right corner.
  • Then, your courses will show as Registered, but not started on the left side of the calendar.

Through WebAdvisor, you can also pay for classes. To do that, firstly you can log into your Pioneer Portal. If you have logged in, click on WebAdvisor and then click Log In which you can find on the top right hand corner and use your TWU username and password to log on. Choose the Students tab if you have logged in. Then, choose Student Self-Service & Registration (New Version) under the blue registration block. Then, click Students Finance and then click on Make a Payment. After that, login with your Pioneer Portal username and password. Follow the steps to make a credit/debit card payment, electronic check or set-up a payment plan.

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