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RCC or Riverside City College has a high quality education which is affordable and engages with a wide variety of community of learners by offering pre-college, transferable, career-technical courses which leads to locally-approved and state-approved certificates, associate degrees, associate degrees for transfer and transfer. This college is based on a learner-centered philosophy.

It will foster critical thinking, develop information competency and technological literacy, promotes self-development and global awareness and expands communication skills. This college also have comprehensive learning and student support services, community and Arts programs and co-curricular activities. This is provided to encourage the student success. In addition, this college also supports and empowers the students because they work to the achievement of students, intellectual curiosity, and also life-long learning.

There are several things which are done by this college to support the education of Students. Some of them are they have Webadvisor and Blackboard. These things are important for students to be able to get access to their account and they can get important information quickly by using them. Seeing content and participating in courses can be done by student by using Blackboard. The present version of the app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Before you log in, there are some things that you need to do. First, you school needs to enable mobile device access. You can type your school name in the app to check it. Second, you need a blackboard learn account at your school. You will have to log in to the app by using the same username and password which are provided by your school. Third, your device needs Operating System iOS 9.0+ or Android 4.2+to run the Blackboard app. Blackboard has an intuitive way for you so that you can interact with content, courses, instructors and other students as well. Blackboard shows only the courses where you are enrolled a student or observer. In the Blackboard, you are able to do some things including taking assignments and tests, seeing course items and course announcements, participating in discussions, accessing Original and Ultra courses and also interacting with your instructors and class in Blackboard Collaborate. If you use Blackboard lately, you may be still confused how to use it. You have to check your start date. You cannot log in to your course until the first scheduled day of class. Then, what is our username? Well, your username is the first letter of your first name which is followed by the first letter of your last name and then followed by your 7 digit student ID. However, if you are a new student at Riverside City College District and you use Blackboard, your default password is student. In case you are a returning student at this college and you use Blackboard, your password has not changed.

If you need any help, you are able to contact online support via email and chat which is available via Online Learning Support Center. If you want to see the video Blackboard tutorials you are able to check on http://ondemand.blackboard.com/students.htm.

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