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Forgetting password can happen to anyone. Usually, it happens if we have a lot of social media accounts. As we know that currently there are a lot of social media which are used by people like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Then, they also have to remember their email password and also if they are students, they have to remember their password of their accounts in their campus website. So, no wonder if sometimes we forget the password of our account. However, it is better if you use the same password for every account to make you easy to access your own account.

Well, talk about forgetting password, have you forgotten your password when you access Webadvisor RCC? Do not have to be worried because there is a help for you to be able to access your webadvisor again. You have to note that password that is used for the first time user in Webadvisor is your six digit birth date. If this is your first time log in, after you enter your username which is your first initial of your first and last name combined with you seven digit RCC ID and then enter your password which is your six digit birthdate, then you will be brought to a page where you have to change your password. If at that time, you changed your password and then now you forget the new password that you have made, you have to click on the Reset My Password link. By clicking that, you will have a new one which is sent to your RCCD email account. When you click Reset My Password, the page will require you to enter your last name, one of the two identifying numbers (SSN or RCC ID Number)and your personal email address on file RCCD. In case you do not own a personal email address on file with RCCD, or you do not recall what that email address is, you have to contact Admissions and Records at your Home College for help. As mentioned previously that you need to enter one of identifying numbers either SSN or RCC ID Number. You may still not know that those are. SSN is a Social Security Number and RCC ID is seven digit identifying number which is given to each individual associated with the college. Now, if you have entered your last name, SSN or RCC ID Number and also Personal Email Address, the last thing is clicking Submit button.

If you have followed the instructions above but you still have a problem related to your webadvisor password, it means that you need a help from the faculty. You are able to contact the Help Desk. It is usually available on Monday to Friday at 7 am to 5 pm. You can also send an email to studenttechhelp@rcc.edu for an auto response tech email. Alternatively, you are also able to contact the Admissions Office at your home college by email or by phone. Do not forget to state your question and enter your full name, Student ID number and date of birth. For Moreno Valley College students, you can contact to admissionsmorenovalley@rcc.edu or (951) 571-6101. For Norco College students, you can contact to admissionsnorco@rcc.edu or (951) 372-7003. For Riverside City College, you can contact to admissionsriverside@rcc.edu or (951) 222-8600 or (951)222-8574.

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