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Webadvisor SCCCD is the name of the webadvisor of State Center Community College District. This term is used to call the student portal of SCCCD. With this kind of thing, every student of SCCCD is able to access the information and perform several functions by using this portal such as finding out the registration date, register or add or drop for courses, paying fees, checking financial aid information or status, and check final grades.

Before getting to Webadvisor to perform one of the functions mentioned above, first of all, you have to complete an SCCCD Online Admission Application through CCC Apply. With this thing, you may apply to Fresno City College, Reedley College, or Clovis Community College. After you applied online, you are supposed to get your Student ID# 24-48 hours later. Then, you have to activate and access the SCCCD Student Email Account and the SCCCD student portal which is known as Webadvisor SCCCD. You have to know that this web-based services provides every student of SCCCD with immediate access to the student profile or status and a direct line of correspondence from the college to the student if there is any urgent notifications and notices. The process of activating the SCCCD email account is free so you do not have to be worry about it. In addition, it is better for you to check the SCCCD email regularly to make sure you are on the right track.

Please keep in mind that every student, every faculty, and every employee of SCCCD must log in first to access Webadvisor SCCCD. You can find the log in button at the upper right hand corner of the page. Logging into Webadvisor SCCCD will require something like your username and the default password. Your username is your student ID number which is 7 digit in total, while the default password means your first name initial (upper case) plus your last name initial (lower case) plus date of birth (mmddyy). For example, a certain student is named Joseph Hwang who was born on March 20, 1997 and has a student ID number of 0123456. It can be concluded that Joseph’s login information would be 0123456 for the username and Jh032097 for the password. as for the email, it is your 7 digit student ID number@myscccd.edu.

For those who need help related to your password or logging on to the webadvisor of SCCCD, please call a thing named Student Systems Support Call Center. If you need your password reset, the system will be there to help whenever you need as it is available 24/7. Some numbers you can dial are 559 499 6072 for local and 844 887 2223 for toll free. You can also ask anytime if you have any questions regarding anything. Feel free to contact them as they will be glad to help you and your confusion. As for those employees and faculty of SCCCD who need a help to reset password, please call 559 443 8670 (FCC) and 559 244 4357 (DO) instead.

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