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Are you student of WGU (Western Governors University)? If the answer is yes, we are sure that you are going to know with WGU Student Portal App. Actually, who can use WGU student portal App? You have to know that WGU Student Portal App is designed specially for the students with an active term.

If your term has not started, or you are on a term break, so you need to wait until the first day of your term. Of course, this WGU Student Portal App very help students in many things and there are many benefits of WGU Student Portal App. One of them is it make the students easier to engage with their learning and curriculum everywhere. The WGU Student Portal App is compatible with Android devices running 4.1 or greater and iOS devices running iOS 7 or greater. For Note: Android download is only available from the Google Play store.

Before you are able to access WGU Student Portal App, you have to fill out some information such as below.

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Enter your WGU Student email address.
  3. Choose what mobile platforms do you use.
  4. Choose the top three features you want to see next.
  5. Enter your ideas, suggestions or feedback.
  6. Click ‘Next’.

As we said before that if you are an Android user so you are able to download WGU Student Portal App. So, please go to your Google Play Store to download it. Currently, the app was updated on August 24, 2018. It is about 17 MB and has new features such as various bug fixes and improved stability. Then, if you are a user of Iphone, so you are able to download WGU Student Portal App from your App Store. Go to download it and enjoy some new features. If you get any problem, we suggest you to enter your feedback in the app or you are able to contact the Service Desk.


  1. You are able to use the app on your phone or tablet in portrait or landscape orientation.
  2. Then, you are able to receive push notifications for updates on your assessments.
  3. View all your degree plan, including the courses which you are enrolled in, those you have completed, and those remaining to complete your program.
  4. You have an ability to access all your courses, including have ability to view the Course Announcements, Tips, Chat, and learning resources.
  5. With WGU Student Portal App, you are able to pick up in your course where you left off in the Student Portal. In this case, automatically your course progress is synchronized between the two.
  6. You are able to find contact information easily for your student mentor, course mentors, and WGU support departments.
  7. The access helpful links to resources like the WGU Library, Student Handbook, and many more.
  8. You have an ability to see which mobile apps that other students find useful in the App Center.

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