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Do you wonder what it’s like to study online at WGU (Western Governors University)? You have to know that WGU (Western Governors University) make it easy for their students to study anytime, anywhere on their virtual campus. You are able to call the MyWGU Portal.

The MyWGU Portal provides their students the access to everything which they need to complete their coursework and connect with the faculty and fellow students of WGU (Western Governors University). If you are a new students of WGU (Western Governors University), it is very important for you to know WGU Student Portal or MyWGU Portal. To know its information, you are able to go to the official website of WGU (Western Governors University), then visit to WGU Student Portal Home. There, you are able to look for the information you need.

At WGU Student Portal Home, there is an access to login the MyWGU Portal. You are able to go to MyWGU Portal by going my.wgu.edu. Its portal provides the students with a customized view into the Western Governors University. By using their username and password provided when students applied, they are able to log into the portal and get access to information and resources which needed to succeed at WGU (Western Governors University). If you are a new student of WGU (Western Governors University), an need to create MyWGU account, so you are able to create it by clicking ‘Create an account’ at WGU Student Portal Home.

To create MyWGU account, it does not need a long time. Usually it need about ten minutes. After you click ‘‘Create an account’, then it is going to bring you at the page of Account Creation Process. There are some easy steps in creating MyWGU account. At the first step, you need to enter your first name, last name and application PIN. For your information that your application PIN is the six-digit number you specified once filling out the WGU Admissions Application. It was provided to you in an email from WGU (Western Governors University) instructing you to create your WGU (Western Governors University) Student Account. In other case, if you cannot remember your application PIN and there are unable to find this email, so you are abel to ask to retrieve your six-digit Application PIN.

Before you create MyWGU account, you have to ensure that you have already paid your application fee. In this case, if you have not filled out an application to WGU and paid your application fee, so you cannot create an MyWGU account. For this case, we suggest you to fill out the WGU application and paid your application fee firstly. If you get a problem when you are filling out your application or if you have further information and questions regarding this, so you are abel to contact your Enrollment Counselor to ask a help and solution. Then, if you have already filled out your application, you are able to try the link to retrieve your application PIN. If you still unable to continue, so please contact the IT Service Desk at servicedesk@wgu.edu or please call at (877) 435-7948.

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