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Western Governors University can help fill Texas workforce needs. It is built by the state of Texas through a partnership with accredited Western Governors University and WGU Texas offers online bachelor’s and master’d degree programs specifically designed to provide Texans with education which is high-quality in in-demand career fields which are relevant to the needs of Texas employers.

Western Governors University was established in 2011 as a partnership between Western Governors University and the state of Texas. They have mission to help Texans reach a quality education. When Western Governors University was built in 1997, the founding governors realized that the internet, technology and a new model of competency-based education can transform higher education by making new chances for working adults.

To expand access to affordable higher education for Texas residents through online competency based programs which address key workforce needs is the mission of Western Governors University Texas. WGU Texas has more than 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree in the high demand fields of business, teacher education, IT and healthcare. Now, Western Governors University serves more than 10,000 students in Texas and this university also has awarded almost 10,000 Texans degrees. The promise of this University is that they are able to help the students achieve the students’ dreams for a degree and career success by giving education which is personal, flexible, and affordable based on real-world competencies. As an online university, this university provides faculty support throughout your program which means your goals become their goals as well.

If you are a student of WGU Texas and you want to visit WGU Texas Students portal, you have to visit the site of WGU Texas first. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find Student Portal menu in the left side in the Information & Resources section. Then, click Student Portal and you will be directed to the Student Portal page. In that page, there is a link to access Student Login portal. Click that link. In that page, you are also recommended to create a bookmark for my.wgu.edu to easily find it again. After clicking the link, you will see a place for login. You need to enter your username and password. Then, click on Sign In button. If you forget the password, you are able to click on the Reset Password. Then, there will be a pop up window and you have to enter your username and click Next. If you forget your username, you have to click Retrieve Username. Then, there will be a pop up window and you have to enter your email address that is associated with your account. Then, click Next. However, if you do not have WGU account because you are new to MyWGU portal, you are able to click on Create Account. Then, you will have to fill a form containing your First Name, Last Name, and Application PIN. Your application PIN is the 6 digit number that you specified when you fill out the WGU Admissions Application. It was given to you in an email from WGU.

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