Why You Should Choose a Concord HVAC Air Conditioning Service Company

Why You Should Choose a Concord HVAC Air Conditioning Service Company

A reliable, expert AC service in Concord ac tune up concord nc, North Carolina can help you save money on cooling and heating bills while improving the comfort of your home. There are many advantages to working with Concord HVAC air conditioning technicians. Here are some of them. The first is that they are EPA-certified technicians. The second is that they offer excellent customer service and warranties. If you’re looking for a new AC system for your home, you’ll want to call a certified Concord HVAC service provider.

A Concord HVAC air conditioning system’s capacity can be determined by its model number. The model number is usually found on the condenser and is divisible by six or twelve. The model number represents the amount of nominal BTUs (British thermal units) that the system can deliver. One ton of air conditioning has 12,000 BTU. The model number 4HP16LT48P will equal four tons of cooling, while the AC14L18P model will provide 1.5 tons of cooling.

In Concord, the HVAC company Trident Mechanical Systems Inc. specializes in heating and cooling system installation and repair services. The company offers services for heating and cooling systems of all types and brands. Additionally, the company offers 24-hour emergency service. This company is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, so you can be sure that the technicians have extensive experience with Trane products. You can also expect that your Concord HVAC service technician will be certified in indoor air quality.

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